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RTsan Furniture

Redefining Sustainability with Style

RTsan Furniture is an independent establishment operating from Greater Manchester.  We sell professionally refinished pieces of furniture, using high quality products to create bespoke pieces for your home. 


Our work combines sustainability with unique aesthetics, offering eco-friendly redesigned products, to people who share our passion for interior styling and extraordinary vintage furniture.


Alongside selling pieces from our collection, we also provide a private commission service. If you have a piece of furniture in need of a contemporary makeover, then please get in touch and we can work together to develop a design to suit your needs and enhance your space. 

We also run creative workshops for late diagnosed Neurodivergent adults; please see our community page below for further information about the Reet Good Wood project.  

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ABOUT  RTsan Furniture
JUNE 2024 LOGO.jpg
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Ruth is from Greater Manchester and is the face behind RTsan Furniture.  She has previously lived in London, Cumbria and Nottinghamshire, before returning to the North West of England in 2016 to be closer to her family.


In 2019, Ruth discovered she was Neurodivergent, and prior to this had spent her life trying to fit in to a world that wasn't made for Neurodivergent people. Ruth admittedly struggled in mainstream workplaces and with social situations, and spent her whole life pretending to be ok to fit in with people around her.  As you can imagine, this takes its toll over time, with some people not understanding Neurodivergence or the impact of a late diagnosis.

It wasn't until 2023 that Ruth decided to stop 'masking' and started to learn to be her authentic self.  She put her energies in to something she was comfortable doing, in an environment she can control, at a pace that suits her.​ Ruth absolutely loves refinishing furniture, and is conscious about doing her bit for the environment. So, putting all this together, Ruth was supported to start RTsan Furniture.

Ruth has a BA (Hons) in Community and Youth Work and completed her studies at The University of Manchester.  She has previously worked with young people within alternative education settings, but her real passion lies in refinishing furniture. ​Ruth was able to recognise that being creative was an alternative to societal expectations, and is an advocate for using creativity as a vehicle to promote positive wellbeing.  Redesigning and painting furniture is Ruth’s calm in the chaos.  Her attention to detail helps create flawless designs, and she enjoys getting lost in her own creative world, without the pressure to 'fit in' to environments out of her control.  

Ruth is extremely grateful to have this opportunity, and gives thanks to her family and the people around her who support and encourage her to be her authentic self.  
Why bother with preloved furniture?

Reusing old furniture is much more sustainable than buying new, has much more character and is often built to last. Vintage furniture always tells a story and would have previously been enjoyed by multiple generations. Ruth believes that preloved furniture can be transformed into something special to reflect the modern era and continue to bring joy to any space, without having a negative impact on the environment.

Far too much good quality furniture goes to landfill, and Ruth is passionate about giving old and tired pieces many more years of life, with a unique modern twist. 

Ruth’s work takes inspiration from her environment and experiences throughout her life, to create high end, bespoke, contemporary pieces. 


"I had an old family bureau upcycled by Ruth.  The final result was flawless and exceeded my expectations in every way.  Overall, I cannot recommend this company highly enough.  Their unwavering commitment to perfection, professionalism and exceptional service sets them apart from the rest."

Follow the link below to see the latest items for sale from Ruth's collection.

RTsan Collection


Everything You Need to Know

Returns, refunds and cancellations are accepted with the following terms:

Please contact me within 14 days of delivery for returns.
Dispatch items back within 21 days of delivery.


Refunds will only be processed if the items are returned in the same condition they were received.  RTsan Furniture can not be responsible for any damage to items which occur when in your care.

If you change your mind about an order, cancellations must be requested within 12 hours of purchase.

In case of a return, the costs of delivery (i.e. outbound delivery costs when Goods are sent from the Vendor to a Customer) are non-refundable.  The Customer is responsible for organising the return and safe packaging of Goods and paying for return delivery costs.

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RTsan in the Community
Leigh Spinners Mill & ReMade Wigan
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Being Neurodivergent has its many challenges. It can be quite isolating at times, and some people often feel misunderstood, like they don't 'fit in' and can struggle to thrive in a world suited to their neurotypical peers.  

Last year Ruth found calm by restoring and redesigning furniture.  It gave Ruth a positive outlet and massively improved her emotional wellbeing.  Ruth decided she wanted to share this with her peers within the Greater Manchester area in the form of free upcycling workshops, to provide a space for Neurodivergent adults to be creative.  Reet Good Wood is supported by ReMade Wigan, who have very kindly offered their studio for one Saturday a month, and our next session will be held on Saturday 27th July 2024 at their workshop in Wigan.  We are also pleased to announce that we will have a permanent base at Leigh Spinners Mill as of July 2024 and will be hosting sessions from there very soon.

These sessions will be in a safe and sensory friendly environment, with group sizes no larger than eight participants.  Spaces will be available to book via Eventbrite very soon, so do keep checking our websites and social media channels for further information.


Why just Neurodivergent Adults?

There is very little support for adults pre and post late diagnosis, and although some people might not need it, for others, being around other neurodivergent people can help massively.  It can give a sense of belonging, provide a safe space to be their authentic and unmasked self,  where they don't have to worry about being judged or mistreated. During a consultation with members of the community, we had some really positive feedback:

"I think the workshops are an ace idea and a great focus for people, especially when they're struggling and feeling overwhelmed."

"I love this idea! It will help more people like us come out and mix with others, where we know we wont be judged or frowned upon because we might display some behaviours that aren't seen as being socially acceptable."

"There is no other space like that for Neurodivergent adults and it would be a good place to go and be around other people who know what struggles we face."


The workshops provide an inclusive space to adults with or without a formal diagnosis, who identify as Neurodivergent, to provide an opportunity to form friendships, gain peer support, and to provide a space to express themselves in a creative way.  Please follow our journey or reach out to us via our Instagram @ReetGoodWood.

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